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Back in the 1950's a gentleman by the name of Art Ingels in Pasadena, California constructed the first go-kart in his garage. Now go-karts are manufactured in almost every major country in the world. Names like Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Danica Patrick just to name a few, started their racing careers on go-karts. Go-Kart racing offers the power to weight ratio of an INDY CAR, the ability to pull 2-3 g's, data acquisition, special tire compounds, gear boxes; these are just some of the ingredients that make karting one of the fastest growing motor sports in the world.

In 2008 we were driving through downtown Franklin on a beautiful Saturday when a commotion caught our attention. The noise and smell of rubber and 2 cycle oil in the air had my undivided attention. As we approached the make shift fence and hay bails we caught site of the spectacle... it was the first running of the Indy Karting Series Franklin boys club Grand Prix... As soon as Miranda (AKA "The Chicken" since she was 2) saw the karts screaming around that cramped little street race track she said,
"Oh I gotta do that" and Rocket Chicken Racing was born.

We owe a lot of thanks to the whole local race family for all the fun and sucess each time we put the rubber on the track.
We found our first kart and the beginnings of our race team with a little help from Brian Nicley & Rev. Randall. Adam Morgan, WRP, IKS,  and too many others to list.

Now with our third season on the books Miranda keeps running fast and leading the pack with Brandon and Levi close behind.
Just to list a few of our acomplishments in the 2011 season...
Miranda wins SIRA junior driver of the year and first in the points in SIRA and the Chainbreakers Series and  #5 in Indy Karting Series after a limited season including two podium finishes, We are all very proud of the Chicken.
Go Go Go Kart Chicks

Brandon and Levi both accomplished their collective goal of beating Miranda.
At the NCMP Grand prix she started the day feeling bad and ended the race barely able to get her helmet off before getting sick...
Miranda doesnt belive this one counts... Brandon has moved on to another class but Levi is planning to catch her this year.

Brandon ended the season second in the points in the Chainbreakers series and earned rookie driver of the year and #8 at SIRA & IKS including some very memorable finishes. as we all knew he would Brandon picks up the fast line like nobodys business and was running extremely well by the end of the season,
Levi had a very memorable second season as expected. He finished Second in SIRA and Chainbreakers & #6 in IKS...
Levi believes that three is a charm, he has started off the season with a bang.

This year, our team is looking to be the team to beat.

Many of the races on our schedule are sponsored by charitable organizations. By by supporting our drivers, you are supporting good causes statewide.

Our team continues to grow, as the excitement of extreme sport takes the world by storm.

Extreme Karting - Feel the excitement!

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